Livestock Loans

What are Livestock Loans

Livestock loans are loans that help you buy more livestock and some livestock products.

Loan terms:

  • up to 10 years – for the purchase of cattle (meat), horses;
  • up to 8 years – for the purchase of cattle (dairy);
  • up to 5 years – for the purchase of small cattle and pigs.


  • Obtaining a loan solely on the security of the acquired property;
  • Minimizing the risk of non-delivery of animals through the use of a letter of credit form of payment;
  • Getting a loan of up to 80% of the value of the contract (contract) for the purchase of agricultural animals (depends on the type of agricultural animals and the creditworthiness of the borrower);
  • Using a grace period for the repayment of principal for a period of 6 to 24 months (depending on the type of animals purchased).

Purpose of a livestock loan:

  • Financing of purchases of cattle and small cattle, horses and pigs of reproductive age of domestic and foreign origin in order to form / update the main herd;
  • Financing of part of transport and other expenses arising from the procurement of agricultural animals.

Key features:

  • Co-financing by the borrower of at least 20% of the contract value of agricultural animals;
  • The purchase of agricultural animals is not part of the borrower’s investment project, implemented on the basis of project financing;
  • The total number of cattle / horses purchased by the borrower should not exceed 2 times the number of the main herd of cattle / horses available to the borrower if the main source of loan repayment (more than 50%) is cash flow generated from project implementation.

Requirements for the project and the borrower:

  • Borrower – a US resident using a standard system of accounting and reporting;
  • The presence of a business plan, draft contract for the purchase of agricultural animals;
  • The presence in the state or contractual involvement of specialists in breeding acquired farm animals with at least 3 years of experience;
  • The experience of growing agricultural animals for at least 2 years;
  • Availability of own feed base or sources of replenishment of feed;
  • Availability of premises and necessary equipment for the maintenance of agricultural animals.


  • The purchase of agricultural animals not approved for use on the territory of the USA, as well as being the breeding material of the protected selection achievement, is not credited;
  • The purchase of animals located or purchased for placement in an area with a quarantine aimed at preventing the spread and elimination of foci of contagious animal diseases is not credited.

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